Wyoming Fishing

Wyoming is located in the Western United States. The majority of the state is mountain ranges and foothills of the Rocky Mountains with an equal balance of prairie lands on the opposite (eastern) side. Only about 1% of the state is water, but that leaves a lot of rivers, streams and reservoirs in this large state. Wyoming is last in U.S. population which means there’s a good chance you’re going to get some of this beautiful wilderness and the great fishing to yourself!

The Rockies, Tetons and Yellowstone are all close by and a Wyoming Fishing Guide is your connection to all the great places to fish in Wyoming. Like: Jackson Lake, Alcora Reservoir, Cook Lake, Big Horn Lake, Grande Teton National Park, Keyhole Reservoir, Snake River, Laramie Planes Lake, Wind River Lakes and Yellow Stone River and Lake.

Wyoming Fishing Guide

Wyoming Fishing – Wind River Range

Here are a few of the fish in Wyoming, found across the state in the various waters (be sure to ask your Wyoming fishing guide about Cutthroat Trout, the state fish!:

Brown Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Channel Catfish

Yellow Perch

 width= Walleye

Steelhead Trout



About Wyoming

As you can see from the list about there are a nice selection of fish to catch throughout the state, but those aren’t the only ones, check with your Wyoming fishing guide for the full scoop. Wyoming fishing guides have been working the rivers and streams, creeks and ponds and reservoir for a long time, they will give you the benefit of knowing the terrain and having experience as fishing guides in Wyoming. Different guides support different sized parties, so be sure to call ahead if you’re looking for a group outing. One thing is for sure, when you head to Wyoming, you’ll get a beautiful views of diverse terrains and relatively untouched lands with tons of wildlife. With the help of a Wyoming fishing guide you’re also going to have some great stories to tell and land yourself some fish!