Illinois & Lake Michigan Fishing

Salmon Fishing Charters

Salmon Fishing Charters

Nearly 80% of the state of Illinois is made up of farmland, but the state that is home to Abraham Lincoln and 2 other Presidents also ranks high in its recreational fishing opportunities.

If you like the outdoors, you will love what Illinois can offer the outdoor enthusiast- everything from hunting deer and turkey to camping and hiking, canoeing & kayaking and of course- fishing! Throughout this agricultural vastness, one also finds an abundance of rivers, creeks, and lakes, and of course the mighty Lake Michigan to the North, Illinois a prime freshwater fishing destination.

Dotting Illinois’ agricultural landscape is over a million and a half acres of water. You will find such fish species as  Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Walleye, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout and Perch throughout the state in places like Lake Shelbyville, Lake Bloomington or Evergreen Lake. Taking them on spinner baits, casting spoons, flies and live and natural bait, the fun awaits.

Illinois Fishing Charters & Guides

To the North in Lake Michigan, you can also wrestle with giant Coho and Chinook Salmon, not to mention Largemouth Bass in the 8-10 class. The state of Illinois is committed to its recreational fishing, annually stocking Lake Michigan with hundreds of thousands of Coho, Chinook, Trout and other fish. And if you add in the other 3 bordering states that also stack the lake, we are talking about millions of fish stocked every year. This certainly makes fishing in the state very appealing.

Fishing guides and charters are plenty throughout the state. Lake Michigan offers several complete charter outfitters for your fishing enjoyment. They handle all the brooks, rivers and lakes nearby. Reel Adventure can connect you with the top local Illinois fishing charters for all of your fishing trips. The advantage of going with respected Illinois fishing charter is that will cater to all your needs- fishing rods, tackle, fishing lures and everything else you will need for a fun and memorable outing.

Reel Adventures will be here to assist with Illinois fishing guides or full fishing charters. We have all the information you will need; including a considerable amount of outdoor adventures: from camping, hunting and kayaking – even accommodations.