Fishing Costalegre, Mexico

Costalegre is a series of different beaches, capes and bays of all sizes and extensions distributed alongside the Pacific Ocean on the western coastline of the Mexican state of Jalisco, in an area located between two other major and very well known tourist centers, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Manzanillo, Colima.

In recent years, the Jalisco state government has promoted this zone as a tourist attraction grouping all these beaches under the common name of “Costalegre”, which literally translates as “Joy Coast”.

Each bay or beach is almost next to the other one, separated only by large rock formations, cliffs and some uninhabited terrains. Visitors can move from one to another one in a matter of minutes. Most of these beaches are small size bays.

One of the largest bays, Barra de Navidad also has a large lagoon and a first-class international hotel, considered one of the best of its category in Mexico. Costa Careyes is considered one of the top resorts and VIP communities in the world; often visited by famous actors, singers and artists.

Costalegre Fishing Guides

Costalegre Fishing

Costalegre fishing is important both for locals as a means of sustenance and trade and for the thriving tourist economy. The bulk of the fishing is done on fishing charters. Here are some species you can expect to catch in the area:


Pez Vela

Mangrove Snapper

Jack Crevalle

 width= Roosterfish





Costalegre Fishing Charters

As you can see bass is present in the lakes and rivers and Costalegre guides will be happy to show you where to find them. Many tourists focus solely on fishing charters, but knowledgeable local fishing guides are there for river and lake fishermen looking for quiet seclusion and pristine fresh water.

Bigger parties and visitors seeking all the glory of deep-sea fishing are sure to enjoy the charters, where they’ll find all of the usual suspects: marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado, sailfish and the like – even the occasional eel or shark.