5 Must-Have Multi-Tools That Will Simplify Your Fishing

Your gear is important to you and it should be. Rather than carrying a variety of different tools in your tackle box, you can carry it all in a multitool for fishing the size of a deck of cards. I remember the hook removers we had when I was a kid. It was about a foot long and in the most awkward and un-packable shape possible. Today, I carry a Gerber multi-tool that serves many purposes while fishing and it… Read More »

Flood Tide Fun: Fly Fishing for Tailing Redfish

When summertime comes around, every fly fisherman from Florida to North Carolina starts dreaming about one thing: flood tides. A few times a month the moon coordinates with the sun and the wind to generate conditions that are perfect. In places where fly fishing is difficult because the water is darkened by mud and guarded by oyster beds, flood tides provide the angler some relief from their tribulation. The flood brings redfish into a foot of water where the angler… Read More »

Not Just Surviving but Thriving: Fishing During the Pandemic

Very few areas of life remain untouched by this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has by and large confined people to their homes with few exceptions. One casualty of the era of social distancing has been the unrestricted access to many of the activities we once enjoyed. As our federal and state governments struggle to get a handle on the Coronavirus, many of the activities we once took for granted are now grounded or subject to varying degrees of restriction from… Read More »

Saltwater Fly Reel Buying Guide: Must-Have Features and 5 Top Values

Watching line tear through the water with blazing speed can help prove whether or not a fly reel is worth the investment. For saltwater fly fishermen, it takes even less time to find out the value. Big fish and fast runs test the mechanical parts and the salty air and water test the seals and finish. Quality is king when it comes to choosing any saltwater fishing equipment. They have to be able to perform under demanding conditions. Saltwater fly… Read More »

Reflections: Fly Fishing for Striped Bass on Martha’s Vineyard

Striped bass are one of the most popular species of fish among fly fishermen because they can be pursued in a variety of arenas. Being from North Carolina, I thought the only way to catch striped bass in the ocean was with giant surf rods in the wintertime standing on the distant beaches of the Outer Banks. Then a friend of mine invited me one summer to go to Martha’s Vineyard for a week to fish with his uncle who… Read More »

What to Look for in the Best Walleye Rods and 5 Budget Picks

Choosing a Walleye Rod A tap, tap on the line is a sure signal you’re on a fish. For walleye, the strength of the tap has nothing to do with the size of the fish, which is why you need a rod tip sensitive enough to feel the slightest tug. Once you set the hook, the rod needs some backbone or the added bend could give old ‘glassy eye’ a chance to get away. Personally, drift fishing like the example… Read More »

7 Key Benefits of Fishing in the Era of Social Distancing

Stress is at an all-time high for many people around the world as they grapple with the many changes to their social lives that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brings with it. While many people are trying their best to make do with the forced isolation inside their homes and in any activities they conduct outside, some of us have a few secrets we’d like to share with them that might help out during this trying time. For those who want… Read More »