5 Best Inshore Spinning Reels – Guide and Review of Top Picks

Whether you live on the coast of the Carolinas, are planning a vacation to Hawaii, or are finally taking that Alaskan fishing trip, inshore fishing is a great compromise between deep-sea fishing (and all its expensive equipment) and freshwater fishing (with its limited seasons and species). However, there are some definite gear needs for inshore saltwater anglers and a reliable user-friendly spinning reel should be right up there with a rod that can take a beating, as well as a… Read More »

Mystery and Anticipation: Why We Fish

One of mankind’s oldest pastimes, fishing is a unique intersection between leisure and adventure activities today. Being a fisherman encompasses both fighting marlin on a deep-sea voyage and kicking back with family at the local lake. In a society obsessed with technological advancement, it’s something of a novelty that such a primal activity is still such a booming recreational industry. So, what is it? Why do we still feel the need to outwit game fish when one can hardly throw… Read More »

Best Spinning Reels for Bass: 7 Top Picks for Your Money

Spinning reels are one of the most popular choices when it comes to bass fishing. There are many very good (and expensive) reels on the market today but, luckily for some of us anglers, there are many wallet-friendly reels that are high quality at a great price. Choosing one can sometimes be complicated. The process of selecting the best reel for bass fishing becomes less daunting, however, once you know what features are most important to you as an angler.… Read More »

Lake vs River Fishing: Adjusting Tactics and Gear for Success

Maybe you’ve just moved, or perhaps you are looking to branch out, but for many the swap from fishing in lakes to fishing in rivers or vice versa can mean a disappointing trip or two if you don’t do a bit of research ahead of time. Even a fairly popular and often predictable fish such as bass (small or largemouth) can require a change of rigging and strategy when making the switch between types of bodies of water. THE MAIN… Read More »

Making the Cut: Ultimate Guide to the Best Fillet Knives for Fish

To many, a knife is a tool used for cutting, searing, slicing among other similar functions – a simple tool for a simple task, right?. Nothing is ever so simple, however, in life. There are all sorts of different knives for all kinds of unique applications. This guide will focus on the fillet knife, a specialized type of knife used to cut/slice and separate flesh from bone and skin from flesh. We hope this guide will give you a better… Read More »

Catch More Summer Bass with These 5 Tried and True Concepts

The sun is shining, the trees are green, and summer bass fishing is in full swing. You can be a very successful angler in the summer months if you have a good understanding of how bass behave when it gets hot. Keep these five concepts in mind the next time you go out on the water and you will catch more summer bass! 1. Locate the fish Are you fishing in the shallows? If so, the summer heat can cause… Read More »

These Top 10 Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayaks Won’t Break the Bank

For generations, kayaks have been the vessel of choice for fishermen, straight back to the Native peoples on the Bering Sea in Alaska. They even hunted seals from the light boats! So, as the fishing season ramps up, a kayak just might be next on your list for ways to fish your local waters, or even to take on the road to more distant locales. If you’re new to kayak fishing though, the selection can be hellish, because everyone and… Read More »