Fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Summer Sun

Summer is upon us and those fishing poles in the garage are calling your name. When you have some downtime, there isn’t anything better than packing up your truck with gear and getting out to some hidden creek or river for some fishing fun. Hobbies that are fun and feed you are simply the best. Speaking of fun times while out fishing, one of the most exciting fish to catch is rainbow trout. Native to the west of the Rockies,… Read More »

5 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing and Buyer’s Guide

Our topic today takes us to something that is indispensable for nearly every angler. We’re talking about sunglasses for fishing, a tool I learned to appreciate early on in life. When I was a child, my small town had a fishing pond that was only fishable by children. That pond was absolutely stuffed with bass and when I snagged my granddad’s polarized sunglasses, what was once just the surface of the water came to life and I could see the… Read More »

Good Planning Is Key to a Fun and Stress-Free Fishing Trip

Going to the lake just outside of town is easy. Get off of work, get home, throw your stuff in the truck and head to the lake until it’s time to come home. I have basically just described my own cozy Montana Friday night for myself. The year before last it was time for my annual trout fishing trip to Yellowstone National Park and this time I was taking others with me. This was going to be family fishing and… Read More »

5 Best Fly Reels for Trout and Some Simple, Smart Buying Tips

In our previous post, I took a look at a few of today’s top trout fly rods based on outstanding quality and value for your dollars. In this post, we will look for the same but in reels, as we feature 5 of the best trout fly reels currently available. For such a relatively small, simple thing, a fly reel is an indispensable tool in the pursuit of fish, especially trout. However, because of its complex design, not all are… Read More »

5 Best Trout Fly Rods for Performance and Value

The success of your trout fishing trip depends on skill and know-how as well as on the gear you decide to use. The fly rod is not a simple stick, as any good angler will know. For those entering the sport for the first time, I want to explain a few things and show you a few examples of some very good fly rods to help you better understand the differences. But this article and the featured rod are for… Read More »

10 Top Pontoon Boat Accessories for Customization and Fun

When I was a kid, my friend’s family had a wonderful pontoon boat. When they would take me out, I had the time of my life. The thing I remember most about the pontoon boat was the room it had. My family had a smaller Lund fishing boat with little room, so a pontoon boat was quite different to me. A pontoon boat is essentially a party on the water. There are so many pieces of equipment and accessories that… Read More »

Fishing Charter Types: Choosing the Right Trip Experience

Fishing is a pastime that we all love, and we all appreciate but sometimes we just want to take the work out of it and enjoy it for what it is. Therefore, seasoned professionals are available to take you and your friends and family out on the water for a good time and all you have to worry about is having fun. Chartering a trip can be confusing because there are so many factors to consider. Not just the charter… Read More »

Choose the Best Onboard Marine Battery Charger for Your Boat

A boat is a complicated machine. It operates so many systems and functions that it can be hard to understand and comprehend them all. One piece of that being electronics and how they are powered. When I was in college, we were doing research using sonar technology on the Yellowstone River here in Montana. I remember charging batteries in my garage the night before the trip so we could use the equipment and how much of a chore that was.… Read More »

All About Trout: 10 Trout Fishing Books You Need to Read

One of the best ways to get into any hobby or enhance one that you are already in is through books. I love fishing, in any way, shape, or form so it is only natural that I stuff my bookshelves with titles about the outdoors and fishing. Trout can be a very tricky fish to pursue depending on certain circumstances and learning a few different techniques and strategies does not hurt. I love a good technique book that is written… Read More »

10 Must-Read Bass Fishing Books for Anglers of Every Level

Bass is the most popular gamefish in North America, and here in the U.S. bass fishing is pursued with a passion that borders on the fanatical. I remember learning about bass for the first time when I was a child. Bass have unique characteristics and behaviors. Their predatory tendencies, strong strikes and tenacity were unlike anything I had ever seen in any other species. As with any species you pursue, you need to learn as much as you can about… Read More »