10 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Special Angler Will Love

With so much gear available out there, it can be hard to pinpoint a good gift for the fly angler in your life. There are some great technologies out there that can make fishing both easier and fun as well as some simple things that make excellent gifts as well. I know that I personally enjoy simple presents that make life on the water easier, but it does not have to be something I take fishing with me either. Consider… Read More »

30 Hour Deep Sea Tuna Safari: First-Hand Account and Trip Tips

Just over fifteen years ago, I lived in Houston, TX, and I regularly fished the piers and occasionally took red snapper trips out of Galveston. While I was on one of those trips, I overheard some fellow fishermen recounting the fun, work, and huge haul of tuna they experienced on a tuna safari trip a few weeks earlier. One of the guys had caught over twenty blackfin tuna and three yellowfins! I did not know such trips existed before this,… Read More »

10 Best Redfish Lures for Different Waters and Conditions

There are few saltwater fish more popular with anglers than redfish. Whether fishing Carolina grass flats or the Texas Gulf Coast surf, you can count on these fish to hit your bait like a ton of bricks and put up a fight. They are an exciting inshore gamefish. And for many, they are also considered good eating. But to entice these rugged inshore brawlers, you’ve got to have the right lure. While there are many out there that will catch… Read More »

Keeping Kids Hooked on Fishing

It is everywhere you look today – screens. Walking through the store I can account at least ten people staring into their phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. This new era of technology is having a big impact on children and not always in a good way. Consider how much time you spent in front of the TV and compare that to today’s average and I bet it is more than doubled. There is so much… Read More »

The Texas Rig Explained With Step By Step Setup

Fishing a Texas Rig is a great way to get your lure or bait into an area heavy with vegetation. We have all cast a plastic and reeled in weeds and sticks and maybe a few of you have brought a stump up. It’s very annoying and can really put a damper on your trip. Fortunately, there is the Texas Rig setup that virtually eliminates this frustration and it is very simple to do. No matter where you fish, it… Read More »

Cedar Plank Catfish – You Won’t Believe How Good It Is!

Sometimes it is just fun to get out with the wife and kids and catch some catfish. They are relatively easy to catch when compared to other species, and if you get into a mess of them, it’s easy to fill a cooler before you know it. We have even had days when the cooler filled up and we had to put them in the bottom of the boat! After all the fun, the work starts. It may take several… Read More »

Best Braided Fishing Line: Selection Guide and 5 Top Lines

Braided line is a great choice for strength and relatively good durability. A perfect match for baitcasting and spinning reels, it can perform well in saltwater and freshwater conditions. I use all kinds of line, but I always keep a spool of braided line for my reel handy because there are situations where it will outperform other types of line. The best braided fishing lines are going to be those that offer the best strength alongside with durability. There are… Read More »