Best Fly Fishing Gear and Techniques for Winter Steelheading

When people think winter fishing, most imagine setting up a shelter, drilling a few holes, tying on a jig and seeing what they can catch for dinner. While ice fishing is entertaining, there’s something to say about bringing the fly gear out on a sunny winter day. The fish don’t stop, so why should we? The bites aren’t going to be as ferocious and winter fly fishing requires extra gear you wouldn’t otherwise need. It’s a great chance to improve… Read More »

Getting Your Tactics Right for a New Carp Lake

Guest Post by Andrew Patterson — Fishing a water for carp that you’ve never fished before can be a pretty daunting experience. It is why many anglers stick to lakes they know and catch the same fish each season. However, if you are prepared to put in a bit of hard work then it is well worth the effort and you are sure to be rewarded. So, if you are up the challenging and excitement of fishing new water for… Read More »

Targeting Monster Fall Muskie: Tackle and Strategy Tips

Fall is the time of year for the leaves to change, chili, cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin-spiced everything. Fall also gives you the best opportunity to land the MONSTER muskie (or musky) of your dreams. Throughout the summer, the fish of 10,000 casts has been bulking up, preparing for the long cold winter ahead, and they hit their growing peak in the autumn months. Here are some tips to improve your fall muskie fishing, help land your trophy, and give you… Read More »

Old-School Catfishing Techniques and a Disgusting but Effective Bait Recipe

Although I have been catfishing many times, for this story, I called in an expert, my dad. He grew up on the banks of the Attoyac River, deep in the heart of East Texas. His childhood was spent running trotlines and fishing for catfish. Although he left the Attoyac over 50 years ago, he never lost his love of fishing. At least once or twice a year, you will find him camped beside Lake Sam Rayburn doing the same kind… Read More »

8 of the Best Smallmouth Bass Lures and When to Use Them

The aggressiveness of the smallmouth bass makes them an exciting species to target. But, like many things, fish behaviors change with the seasons, temperatures and weather and so do their feeding habits. So, in order to make consistent catches throughout the year, it’s crucial to choose fishing lures based on those same patterns. For a new angler, this can be daunting and sometimes discouraging. The fishing industry has so many lures and baits to choose from, each promising to be… Read More »

Shark Surf Fishing: Nature’s Perfect Predator Beach Thrill

Guest Post by Dena Standley — I can’t talk about surf fishing for sharks without telling the story of my very first surf-fishing experience.  I had grown up fishing in the lakes of East Texas, as was a rite of passage for any kid who grew up within a driving distance of Lake Sam Rayburn and Lake Livingston.  As adults, my husband and I had fallen in love with spending as much of the summer as possible at Crystal Beach… Read More »

Rod Expert Builds One-of-a-Kind Custom Bass Rod for Friend

Guest Post by Tim Carter —  This particular build I’m going to discuss is for a friend of mine out of Virginia. He is an active-duty sailor and close to having his first baby – and a custom-built rod. Let’s hope he gets to use it within the first year. His only requirement was, “JUST MAKE IT A CUSTOM BASS ROD!”. His target species is bass and his choice of application design is for a spinning rod for use fishing… Read More »