The Top 20 Fishing Piers in the United States

Fishing piers are a great way to access deeper water without a boat and often times they’ll offer sources of entertainment and, depending on the pier, it could be remote or right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a major city. America’s best fishing piers are not to be overlooked and if you’re in the area of any of these piers, you should bring a pole and experience this unique way of fishing firsthand. Now, with that… Read More »

Top 10 Bass Destinations in America and How to Fish Them

Bass fishing is an American pastime that rivals the likes of baseball and NFL football. Starting in the spring and stretching into the late fall – and even into winter- people can head to the lake and you’ll find numerous anglers in search of some of the best fighting freshwater fish in the world. The challenge of learning their tendencies and the battle that they provide when hooked keeps people coming back time after time. Yes, bass fishing is downright… Read More »

Bass Rod Buying Guide and 6 Best Bass Rods for the Money

Shopping for the perfect bass fishing pole can seem similar to shopping for a vehicle. The massive amount of options available can be a bit overwhelming. The variety in price range combined with the different functions causes most people to shake their heads and just buy a popular model that has many solid reviews. While this isn’t a bad strategy, choosing a fishing rod should be a bit more personal. Depending on how serious you are as an angler, you… Read More »

Taking Care of the Waters We Fish

Too much of a good thing can make something negative. People have to be careful not to overindulge and take advantage of something they deem to be positive. This principle directly applies to life in the outdoors. Avid outdoorsmen all have stories about a favorite location that was trashed by tourists or ruined due to a lack of care. This is not only frustrating for others who would like to visit the area, but it also is a sign of… Read More »

The Beauty of the Black Hills: Water for Every Type of Angler

The Black Hills in South Dakota is the gateway to the West. In a matter of 40 miles, South Dakota turns from flat farmland into a gorgeous terrain filled with 7,000-foot peaks and crystal clear streams. This 1.2 million-acre expanse provides space for all sorts of outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking to fishing. While the climate in the Hills is arid and water isn’t always easy to find, there are numerous lakes and streams filled with fish waiting to… Read More »

Top 10 Spring Trout Fishing Lures: Best Bets for Enticing Fickle Fish

For open water trout anglers, spring is a favorite time of year. The anticipation of warm weather, flowing water and hungry trout keeps many awake at night. Despite the numerous positives, spring fishing can be the most tricky time of year to fish. A variety of factors from weather to water level impacts the quality of fishing. Anglers must learn to be patient and understand that spring fishing can be hit-or-miss. There are several aspects of spring fishing, however, that… Read More »

How Technology and Social Media Are Changing the Way We Fish

Few activities are as heavily based on tradition as fishing. Due to the nostalgic nature of the sport, people don’t see the need to change something that has worked for years. A rod, reel and bait have always caught fish and that method shows no signs of needing to be tweaked. There are upgrades to manufactured materials, but the general design of equipment has stayed the same for years. It’s a similar concept to sports like baseball. It’s always been… Read More »