Learn How to Read a River to Find More Fish

Outdoor enthusiasts and reading don’t always go hand-in-hand. Most of their reading is research for the next adventure. Beyond that, it’s precious time wasted where they could be outside. For some activities, like fishing, reading isn’t saved only for the fishing reports and weather. Experienced anglers understand the importance of reading the water and the benefits that come from doing it correctly. Reading a river is no easy task. From one angle, you may see a large pool that should… Read More »

Fishing for Northern Pike, the Wolf of the Water

This Christmas Eve post spotlights one of the most sought-after freshwater gamefish on the planet, the Northern Pike. In life only a few things are certain, death, taxes and that the Northern Pike are biting. These hard-hitting fish are the most reliable big game predator around because of their incredibly aggressive nature and ultra-fast metabolism that has them constantly on the search for their next meal. With some brief history, knowledge of where to find them, and what lures to… Read More »

10 Best Musky Rods for Different Budgets, Skill Levels and Situations

They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools. The same could be said for a musky fisherman and his rods. All the knowledge, effort and best lures in the world won’t mean a thing if your rod can’t hold up. That being said, here are my 10 best musky rods for varying budgets, skill levels and situations. The rods on this list will make sure that monster musky ends up in the boat, not smiling back up… Read More »

Top 10 All-Time Best Musky Lures and Personal Observations

Ugh, it happened again! You just spent four grueling hours on the water, and you got shut out. Again. At this point you are probably thinking, are these the fish of 10,000 casts or 100,000? The problem could be the equipment you’re using. The following are my top 10 musky lures – considered by serious musky hunters to be some of the best musky lures ever created. If you want to land trophy-size musky, you need to be throwing them,… Read More »

Gear Checklist, Recommendations and Tips for Your Ice Fishing Adventure

Winter does two things for anglers. It either drives them inside for sixth months and forces them to count down until spring or it pulls them from their warm home to the nearest ice. Ice fishing has never been for the faint of heart. Getting up early, finding a spot on the lake, setting up the ice hut, drilling holes, setting tip-ups, etc. The list goes on and on. For some, this is the most rewarding type of fishing possible.… Read More »

Review of the Orvis Encounter – Best Beginner Fly Rod Combo

Table of Contents Breaking Down the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit (My Personal Encounter)Key Reel Features:Key Rod Features:Outfit Size Options: Perfect Fly Outfit for Beginners (or as a backup)THE REELTHE RODPersonal Observations and Conclusion Breaking Down the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit (My Personal Encounter) Key Reel Features: Large Arbor Comes with 150 yards of Weight Forward line Disc Drag System Click Drag Knob Composite Plastic Key Rod Features: Graphite 4-Piece Cordura Case 32 inches when broken down Medium to… Read More »

Best Fly Fishing Gear and Techniques for Winter Steelheading

When people think winter fishing, most imagine setting up a shelter, drilling a few holes, tying on a jig and seeing what they can catch for dinner. While ice fishing is entertaining, there’s something to say about bringing the fly gear out on a sunny winter day. The fish don’t stop, so why should we? The bites aren’t going to be as ferocious and winter fly fishing requires extra gear you wouldn’t otherwise need. It’s a great chance to improve… Read More »