Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario Fishing Guide

Lake Ontario Fishing

Lake Ontario Fishing

Visitors to and locals of Ontario enjoy some fantastic fishing all through the year. One seriously popular location is Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario Fishing Guides are classified as the experts who understand all of the secret attractions on the inland estuaries and rivers, channels, waters and ponds.

If you’ve got a bigger group or might like to do some commercial-style or big-game fishing, a Lake Ontario fishing guide will highly recommend one of the nearby Lake Ontario Fishing Charter businesses. The added benefit to Lake Ontario Fishing Charters is that the boat and all of the necessary gear are supplied in your charter. Either way, you will have a good possibility of getting a prize-winner. Some fish species in the region are:


Rainbow Trout

Smallmouth Bass

Northern Pike


Chinook Salmon

Coho Salmon

Lake Trout


About Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, was named for the lake. It is bounded on the north and southwest by the province of Ontario, and on the south by the American state of New York. In the Wyandot (Huron) language, Ontario means “Lake of Shining Waters”.

It is the last in the Great Lakes chain and serves as the outlet to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River. Walleye, a fish species considered as a marker of clean water, are present. The lake has also become an important sport fishery, with introduced Coho and Chinook salmon now thriving there.

No matter what you decide, a Lake Ontario Fishing Charter or Lake Ontario Fishing Guide, you will enjoy your fishing adventure in Lake Ontario.