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There are lots of opportunities to do some very good angling in Nova Scotia. There are many estuaries and rivers, lakes and waterways that local anglers utilize consistently to catch fish. The most convenient way for out-of-towners or those new to the region to be able to find very good fishing spots and discover more about regional species is to use a Nova Scotia Fishing Guide. For people with bigger groups or on larger bodies of water a Nova Scotia Fishing Charter is a great option.

 Nova Scotia Fishing Charters & Fishing Guides

Nova Scotia Fishing Guide

Nova Scotia Fishing Guides

Local area fishing professionals are Nova Scotia Fishing Guides. They have extensive understanding of the the perfect local angling locations. Your Nova Scotia Fishing Guide understands all the local varieties as well as the spots where they are biting. You are apt to land a good quality catch with the help of a Nova Scotia Fishing Guide.

For the people on shorter outings and/or who don’t have adequate equipment to fish, a Nova Scotia Fishing Charter is just the thing. Your Nova Scotia Charter has the vessel and all the professional fishing equipment to make your angling successful. They also have an understanding of the spot where the fish will probably be and provide you with the tools to make sure you take something home.

About Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s traditionally resource-based economy has become more diverse in recent decades. The rise of Nova Scotia as a viable jurisdiction in North America was driven by the ready availability of natural resources, especially the fish stocks off the Scotian shelf. Though only the second smallest province in Canada, Nova Scotia is a recognized exporter. The province is the world’s largest exporter of Christmas trees, lobster, gypsum, and wild berries. Its export value of fish exceeds $1 billion, and fish products are received by 90 countries around the world.