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Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer Reviewed

Like most of us who spend any time kayaking or canoeing, you have probably already discovered that it is not so easy or fun loading your kayak or canoe on top of your car or SUV and then having to unload it, often by yourself (it can be quite the shoulder workout even with a pair of helping hands). It can get even worse if you happen to have one of the larger, heavier kayaks. Now consider having to do this more than once – to and from your destination. It can become a tedious thing real fast.

A much easier and efficient way to transport your fishing kayak or multiple kayaks is to use a good trailer for the task. Not only will it make loading and unloading a breeze but it will also make your fishing trips and kayaking adventures much more enjoyable.

The choice of a roof rack vs kayak trailer is a non-argument in my opinion, although there are situations where a rack may be preferred. Go with the trailer if you can!

But while there are many options on the market for kayak and utility trailers that can be used for transport, the choices can sometimes be a little confusing. There are many factors you will want to consider if you want to make sure you are choosing the best kayak trailer for your money. 

You will want to not only look at the cost of the trailer but also at other important factors such as the number of kayaks and maximum lengths it can carry, load capacity, construction and other key features.

There are many 2-kayak and 4-kayak trailers on the market, but we decided to go with the Malone MicroSport 4-Kayak Trailer for our review. Some have called this trailer the “gold-standard” of kayak/canoe trailers for its impressive combination of industry-leading design, high-quality construction, and affordable price.

In our opinion – as well as that of many kayakers, boaters and kayak fisherman – this USA-made Malone kayak trailer is one of the best products of its kind on the market today. Let’s see why.

The MicroSport 4-Kayak Trailer

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The MicroSport is a lightweight, premium quality trailer for kayaks, small boats and canoes (and bikes too) that is designed to minimize the rigors of loading/unloading your craft and get you on the water fast. It is simply one of the best sports trailers available today whether for conventional kayaks, fishing kayaks, canoes or your bikes.

The trailer, made in Maine by leading rack accessory and sports trailer manufacturer Malone Auto Racks, comes in 11 gauge (1/8″, 3.175 mm) marine-grade pre-galvanized steel construction frame with an attractive and durable finish for years of reliable, anti-corrosion performance.

Right off the bat, you’ll be glad to know that MicroSport can handle weights up to 355 lbs – that means you can load up to 2 canoes or 4 kayaks at a time (depending on dimensions) as well as other gear.

Just as welcome are the versatile crossbars that can be used with many types of gear carriers on the market from other brands, including Yakima, Thule, Plano, and others, for transporting many of your favorite outdoor gear. Users will also like that, in addition to great features and quality design, the MicroSport Kayak Trailer comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Here are some more awesome features that come with this trailer:

  • Can load up to 4 kayaks/canoes with a maximum length of 19 ft.
  • Maximum weight capacity is rated at 355 lbs for multiple kayaks and your gear
  • Sealed wheel hub bearing assembly to keep out water and debris
  • 54” high galvanized axles for trouble-free performance and extended life
  • DOT-approved lighting system and bearings
  • Easy to follow Instructions/manual
  • 12″ galvanized wheels fitted with high-quality chrome acorn nuts
  • Comes with corrosion-resistant 65-inch square-tubing cross rails with end caps (can upgrade to 78-inch bars for more carrying capacity)

*Also see popular complete 2-kayak transport package

Upgrade to the XT – Custom Looks, More Corrosion Protection & Space-Saving Storage

*See Microsport XT & More Details on Amazon

The MicroSport is currently available in a price range that makes it an attractive bargain. And, although it is already loaded with plenty of features, you can opt for an upgraded version of this trailer if you are willing to spend a little more.

The MicroSport XT Kayak Trailer comes with bundled upgrades that would cost you significantly more if bought separately, such as 12-inch aluminum spoke wheels and diamond-tread fenders for a custom look and improved corrosion resistance.

Lastly, this is our favorite upgrade feature: an 8 ft. retractable tongue and a pair of rubber rear bumpers not only allows to you shorten the length of the trailer for more storage options but also lets you stand it up against the wall for maximum space-saving.

Now you can store your MicroSport in the garage and keep it out of the elements when not in use. This one feature alone would justify the upgrade.

MicroSport XT Kayak Trailer Upgrade Features

  • Aluminum fenders and spoke wheels for a custom look and better corrosion resistance
  • 8 ft retractable tongue lets you save on storage space (store it in your garage)
  • Rubber rear bumper kit lets you stand trailer up against the wall (vertical storage) for maximum space-saving storage

The enhanced features and bundled savings of the MicroSport XT Kayak Trailer make it a great choice for serious fishing enthusiasts looking for added value.

But in case you’re not ready to spend more, are on a limited budget or are a beginner in the kayaking world, you can simply stick with the standard MicroSport Trailer. The base model trailer has everything you’ll need to make your kayaking, canoeing or boating adventures less work and more fun.

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What We Liked & Didn’t Like About the Microsport Kayak Trailer


  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by 5-Year Warranty
  • All parts of this machine are well labeled and come in separate bags so they can be identified with ease
  • Lightweight fishing kayak trailer, easy to handle even for beginners
  • Galvanized frame/parts and anti-corrosion coated crossbars enhance durability
  • Comes with an easy to follow, step by step instruction manual
  • Comes with pre-wired lighting system and pre-assembled wheel hub unit


  • May take up valuable storage space (with the base model, not in XT version)
  • Though instructions are thorough and easy to follow, the setup will take longer than the 2-3 hours suggested by the manufacturer

Malone Microsport Trailer Review Conclusion

Malone is well known for producing a wide range of high-quality trailers and accessories and the MicroSport Kayak Trailer is another winner. The Microsport was designed with anglers, kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It is well made, light, affordable and will make your life a whole lot easier when decide you want to get out on the water with your gear.

The upgraded MicroSport XT option only makes a good value better. It’s a bargain when you consider what you are getting: 3 premium and very useful options at an attractively bundled price. The stylish, custom spoke aluminum wheels and diamond-plate fenders not only look good but will also increase corrosion protection. The retractable tongue and rubber bumpers will make storage, even in limited space, easy. The 5-year warranty is just icing on the cake!

You can get yours delivered right to your doorstep before heading out on your next kayaking adventure. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Buy Malone MicroSport Sports Kayak Trailer on Amazon


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