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Nathan lives in Montana and has a strong passion for the outdoors and writing, regularly indulging in both. He also enjoys research and SEO and, in addition to contributing to Reel Adventure Fishing, has written for several major outdoor outfitting companies.

10 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Special Angler Will Love

With so much gear available out there, it can be hard to pinpoint a good gift for the fly angler in your life. There are some great technologies out there that can make fishing both easier and fun as well as some simple things that make excellent gifts as well. I know that I personally enjoy simple presents that make life on the water easier, but it does not have to be something I take fishing with me either. Consider… Read More »

Keeping Kids Hooked on Fishing

It is everywhere you look today – screens. Walking through the store I can account at least ten people staring into their phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. This new era of technology is having a big impact on children and not always in a good way. Consider how much time you spent in front of the TV and compare that to today’s average and I bet it is more than doubled. There is so much… Read More »

The Texas Rig Explained With Step By Step Setup

Fishing a Texas Rig is a great way to get your lure or bait into an area heavy with vegetation. We have all cast a plastic and reeled in weeds and sticks and maybe a few of you have brought a stump up. It’s very annoying and can really put a damper on your trip. Fortunately, there is the Texas Rig setup that virtually eliminates this frustration and it is very simple to do. No matter where you fish, it… Read More »

Trout Fishing in Rivers and Streams: 101 Basics and Beyond

Trout fishing in rivers and streams can be a challenge but it is also one of the best ways to catch fish. Consider that streams and rivers are quite different from still water such as lakes, reservoirs, and ponds in terms of temperature and food supply. Water temperatures are typically cooler in rivers and streams with streams typically being very cold depending on the time of year. The reason for streams being colder is that they are typically fed from… Read More »

10 Best Spinning Reels for the Money

Spinning reels come in many varieties but they are not all created equal. I remember the first spinning reel I was given as a child. It was an old secondhand reel. Despite the age of this reel and the fact that it had been well-loved, it performed great. The moral of my little rant about how old I am is that all a reel must do is work. Many spinning reels today are made of good quality parts and their… Read More »

Fishing for Rainbow Trout, Top Game Fish West of the Rockies

The Rainbow Trout: America’s Western Fish The Oncorhynchus mykiss, or simply known as the rainbow trout, is one of America’s most recognizable fish. With a vast distribution on the west side of the Continental Divide and a fighting spirit that is second to none, it is also a solidly top 5 North American game fish. Commonly stocked by fisheries and maintained by federal and local wildlife organizations for sport fishing purposes, this is a favorite catch amongst many anglers. Here… Read More »

Lake Trolling Strategies and Tips to Help You Land More Fish

Why Troll? Trolling a lake is a great way to get to the fish rather than wait for them to get to you. The tactic of trolling has been used commercially and recreationally for a long time and is probably the reason you are eating that salmon you bought at the store. Why is trolling used extensively? To put it simply, it works. Trolling is the art of using a watercraft to take large sweeps of an area while dragging… Read More »