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Nathan Blackburn is a biologist and passionate angler who lives in Montana. In addition to his strong passion for the outdoors, he also enjoys research and writing. He has written for several major outdoor companies and websites and is a top contributor to Reel Adventure Fishing.

Choose the Best Onboard Marine Battery Charger for Your Boat

A boat is a complicated machine. It operates so many systems and functions that it can be hard to understand and comprehend them all. One piece of that being electronics and how they are powered. When I was in college, we were doing research using sonar technology on the Yellowstone River here in Montana. I remember charging batteries in my garage the night before the trip so we could use the equipment and how much of a chore that was.… Read More »

All About Trout: 10 Trout Fishing Books You Need to Read

One of the best ways to get into any hobby or enhance one that you are already in is through a book. I love fishing, in any way, shape, or form so it is only natural that I stuff my bookshelves with titles about the outdoors and fishing. Trout can be a very tricky fish to pursue depending on certain circumstances and learning a few different techniques and strategies does not hurt. I love a good technique book that is… Read More »

Best Fly Fishing Books: Recommended Reading to Up Your Game

Many things that I have learned about fly fishing came firsthand through experience but there are things that even experience cannot give you. When I am good at something and I want to get better, I turn to literature. When I was a child, I hit a turning point in my fly fishing adventures. I had decided that I wanted to not only be better at it, but I wanted to learn new things about it. This curiosity is what… Read More »

Best Fishing Waders: Top Features and 5 Picks for Every Budget

Waders are an essential part of fly fishing and having the right pair is crucial. There are differences in them all and you will have to consider all these things to find the best fishing waders. I have had a few different types of waders, but my personal favorites have always performed well under many circumstances. Here we will discuss a few points for you to consider when shopping. I like a pair that are form-fitting and have lots of… Read More »

6 Tips for the Best Fishing Charter or Outfitter Experience

Here in Montana, guides and charters are big business due to the abundance of our lakes and rivers and their strong hatch every spring. Because of this, we have outfitters/guides to spare so to speak. In Hamilton, for example, you’ll see three fly fishing outfitters at the same intersection – it is kind of crazy. There are many different things you should consider when considering some extra help fishing and we are going to discuss that here. I love outfitting… Read More »

5 Things You Can Do to Show Your Love for Fishing

Why do you enjoy fishing? Ask yourself that and consider the reasons you come up with. For me, it is the serenity of the sport. Being able to leave all my city woes behind and escape the pressures of the modern-day. This time outside recharges my batteries in a sense. A breath before the swim from Monday to Friday. As outdoorsmen we need this, it is who we are, and with that need comes a responsibility that we carry. As… Read More »

Smoking Sockeye Salmon: Creating Smoky Goodness

I remember my grandfather smoking fish in the backyard when I was a child in Washington. The smoker we had we made was an old 50’s refrigerator that weighed the same as an Oldsmobile that had been gutted out and fitted with racks to accommodate the large catches we brought home. The art of smoking, as I was taught, is to be patient. Low and slow was always my grandfather’s philosophy and for a good reason: it always came out… Read More »

Best Lures for Yellow Perch: 6 Time-Tested Go-To Favorites

Perch are in the family of fish that are notorious for being apex predators in their waters. Species such as walleye, sauger, and perch are highly sought-after sports fish. Yellow perch are fun to fish for and are typically abundant. If you grew up in a fishing town, you likely have heard your elders talking about catching buckets of perch in their day. Catching them in this amount is common because of their tendency to school up. One thing that… Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing: Tips for Catching Cold Weather Lunkers

Understanding Winter Bass It is important to understand that fish change with the seasons and that this can make them a challenge to pursue during the colder months. This is certainly true of winter bass fishing. There are many different changes to be noted and the first is the spawn. As I have stated in a previous article, bass will begin spawning usually when water climbs to 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher so activities related to reproduction will be lessened… Read More »

Best Lures for Bass – Keep These 5 in Your Tackle Box!

Bass are found everywhere and because of this, it is quite easy to fish for them if you use the right lure or bait. Environmental factors are the largest variables but there are also some distinct behavior changes as well. It is well understood that bass are ravenous predators, even more so than most freshwater species. Because of this aggression, they make for a great sportfish. Use this to your advantage and opt for lures and baits that tailor to… Read More »