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Nathan lives in Montana and has a strong passion for the outdoors and writing, regularly indulging in both. He also enjoys research and SEO and, in addition to contributing to Reel Adventure Fishing, has written for several major outdoor outfitting companies.

Smoking Sockeye Salmon: Creating Smoky Goodness

I remember my grandfather smoking fish in the backyard when I was a child in Washington. The smoker we had we made was an old 50’s refrigerator that weighed the same as an Oldsmobile that had been gutted out and fitted with racks to accommodate the large catches we brought home. The art of smoking, as I was taught, is to be patient. Low and slow was always my grandfather’s philosophy and for a good reason: it always came out… Read More »

Best Lures for Yellow Perch: 6 Time-Tested Go-To Favorites

Perch are in the family of fish that are notorious for being apex predators in their waters. Species such as walleye, sauger, and perch are highly sought-after sports fish. Yellow perch are fun to fish for and are typically abundant. If you grew up in a fishing town, you likely have heard your elders talking about catching buckets of perch in their day. Catching them in this amount is common because of their tendency to school up. One thing that… Read More »

Winter Bass Fishing: Tips for Catching Cold Weather Lunkers

Understanding Winter Bass It is important to understand that fish change with the seasons and that this can make them a challenge to pursue during the colder months. This is certainly true of winter bass fishing. There are many different changes to be noted and the first is the spawn. As I have stated in a previous article, bass will begin spawning usually when water climbs to 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher so activities related to reproduction will be lessened… Read More »

Best Lures for Bass – Keep These 5 in Your Tackle Box!

Bass are found everywhere and because of this, it is quite easy to fish for them if you use the right lure or bait. Environmental factors are the largest variables but there are also some distinct behavior changes as well. It is well understood that bass are ravenous predators, even more so than most freshwater species. Because of this aggression, they make for a great sportfish. Use this to your advantage and opt for lures and baits that tailor to… Read More »

4 Simple but Delicious Ways to Prepare and Eat Any Trout

I remember the smell of my old man’s Little Chief smoker in the back yard. Being sent outside to check on the fish as they smoked and dried to perfection. Here in Montana, as with anywhere, you can find trout in all different water bodies and elevations making them very available and abundant. There are a few different flavor profiles of a trout and it depends on several factors. For example, in my own preference, trout tastes best through the… Read More »

Fishing for Trout’s Most Underappreciated: The Lake Trout

Before we get started, let’s first clarify something about the lake trout. Although the Lake trout (also known as lake char, mackinaw and gray trout)  is also a  member of the Salmonidae family, it is actually a char rather than a trout. The Dolly Varden and Arctic char are its close cousins. Lake trout are the largest of the chars and, to give you some perspective on their size potential, consider the massive 102 lbs specimen pulled from the waters… Read More »

5 Productive Crankbaits for Fishing the Winter Walleye

Elsewhere in the country, many people think of warm living rooms when the snow flies but here in Montana, we get ready for a long, cold haul chasing fish. But any creature will make drastic changes when the cold weather arrives, and fish are no exception. We have to, therefore, adapt our approach. One effective tactic that I have used for many years fishing the winter walleye is the use of simple crankbaits. The beauty of a crankbait is the… Read More »

Winter Walleye Fishing: Adapting to Changes With Simple Strategies

For those who may not know, the walleye is an aggressive predatory fish with a reputation for putting up a great fight but being more elusive than other species such as trout. The walleye has a slight behavior change that can be attributed to the season and learning this change is important to successfully fish them year-round. In the summer, walleye, and many fish species, are trying to beat the heat. Therefore, you find them in deeper water during the… Read More »

10 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Special Angler Will Love

With so much gear available out there, it can be hard to pinpoint a good gift for the fly angler in your life. There are some great technologies out there that can make fishing both easier and fun as well as some simple things that make excellent gifts as well. I know that I personally enjoy simple presents that make life on the water easier, but it does not have to be something I take fishing with me either. Consider… Read More »

Keeping Kids Hooked on Fishing

It is everywhere you look today – screens. Walking through the store I can count at least ten people staring into their phones and not paying attention to what they are doing. This new era of technology is having a big impact on children and not always in a good way. Consider how much time you spent in front of the TV and compare that to today’s average and I bet it is more than doubled. There is so much… Read More »