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John Pardal, aka Dorado, is the editor as well as an author for Reel Adventure Fishing. He has fished extensively up and down the U.S. Atlantic coast, throughout much of Florida and a bit of the Caribbean. John loves writing about all aspects of sportfishing and is passionate about conservation and promoting sustainable fishing.

Surf Fishing Cart Buyer’s Guide and Editor’s Top Picks

Surf fishing is a fantastic way to relax, spend time alone or with friends and family, enjoy the great outdoors and have a terrific time while doing it. Those who take the hobby seriously also know that it can be a huge inconvenience trying to get your gear to your favorite spot on the beach or pier. It can require several trips back and forth to the vehicle just to get the basics for a day of enjoying fishing on… Read More »

Best Trolling Motor Batteries: Ultimate Guide and Top Picks

A trolling motor is an invaluable piece of equipment for anglers using a boat, yet the best trolling motors are only as good as the batteries used to power them! With a good trolling motor battery, you get to use the motor for longer and can even use it to power other on-board electrics. The right battery will last for many years, so it’s certainly worth investing in a quality battery to enhance your trolling motor and time fishing on… Read More »

Surf Magic: Fishing for Bull Redfish on the Texas Gulf Coast

Guest Post by Dena Standley — My favorite spot for fishing is in the Crystal Beach area of the Bolivar Peninsula, just a ferry ride across the bay from Galveston. It is one of the few beaches left that allows you to drive onto the beach, making it easy to get all your gear set up for a day of fishing bliss.  We spend a large part of each summer here, and saltwater fishing is always fascinating because despite what… Read More »

Chasing Ghosts in Paradise: Bonefishing on Oahu with Tim Carter

Guest Post by Tim Carter — Editor’s Note: Like many other blogs out there, we get a lot of requests for guest posts. I get the reasons for the requests and, while I don’t get annoyed by the almost daily deluge, I also don’t accept most of them. They’re often sent by marketers and people whose passion for fishing is secondary, at best, to other motives. When I received Tim’s offer to write a post I felt right away that… Read More »

Best Spinning Reels for Bass: 7 Top Picks for Your Money

Spinning reels are one of the most popular choices when it comes to bass fishing. There are many very good (and expensive) reels on the market today but, luckily for some of us anglers, there are many wallet-friendly reels that are high quality at a great price. Choosing one can sometimes be complicated. The process of selecting the best reel for bass fishing becomes less daunting, however, once you know what features are most important to you as an angler.… Read More »

Making the Cut: Ultimate Guide to the Best Fillet Knives for Fish

To many, a knife is a tool used for cutting, searing, slicing among other similar functions – a simple tool for a simple task, right?. Nothing is ever so simple, however, in life. There are all sorts of different knives for all kinds of unique applications. This guide will focus on the fillet knife, a specialized type of knife used to cut/slice and separate flesh from bone and skin from flesh. We hope this guide will give you a better… Read More »

Catch More Summer Bass with These 5 Tried and True Concepts

The sun is shining, the trees are green, and summer bass fishing is in full swing. You can be a very successful angler in the summer months if you have a good understanding of how bass behave when it gets hot. Keep these five concepts in mind the next time you go out on the water and you will catch more summer bass! 1. Locate the fish Are you fishing in the shallows? If so, the summer heat can cause… Read More »