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Spencer loves all things related to water and the ocean. When not fishing or writing about it, he can usually be found telling tall fishing tales and sampling delicious seafood at any one of his many South Florida/Caribbean haunts.

Fishing Moon Phases to Maximize the Bite

Last Week’s solar eclipse was an amazing experience for people living in North America, and especially so for those in the 14 U.S. states that enjoyed the good fortune of being in the path of totality, where the Moon completely blocked the Sun for less than 3 minutes.  It was the experience of a lifetime for many of the estimated 20 million people who witnessed the event. It certainly had an effect on humans, as noted by the record crowds… Read More »

8 Types of Fishing Reels Most Commonly Used

 8 Most Used Types of Fishing Reels by Anglers Most of us who are involved with recreational fishing know what a reel is and the basics of what it does. However, we have many types of fishing reels, used for different types of fishing or situations. You might be asking yourself, what difference does it make what reel I use? Well, it does make a difference, because each type of fishing reel is designed with a specific use or experience in… Read More »

Boat Owners Insurance: Perhaps Not So Optional

Why You May Want to Reconsider Boat Insurance Fishing or just boating, for that matter, can bring great and fun adventure! However, it is not always incident-free – nothing is. So, having reaffirmed Murphy’s law, I ask: does your boat have insurance? If it does, then you know how important it is, and the information I am about to share with you might not be all new to you. However, if you don’t or are asking yourself if you have… Read More »

Underwater Drones: Will Sport Fishing Ever Be the Same?

When thinking about drones, the first thing that could come to mind is a small device that looks like a helicopter flying around, being controlled by a person with a gigantic remote control. This type of technology has been around for quite a while already, and it is now incredibly popular. Even children are asking for drones as Christmas and birthday presents. They are also being used for multiple applications, such as professional video recording, security, field recognition and so… Read More »

Ciguatera: Danger on the Reefs

Ciguatera is a foodborne illness that is the result of consuming seafood that are contaminated with ciguatoxins. While harmless to the fish it has contaminated, ciguatera is poisonous to humans and can lead to all kinds of horrible ailments. The cause of ciguatera links back to small marine organisms (or plankton) called dinoflagellates that produce the ciguatoxin, which attaches itself to various algae found in reefs. This happens to be regularly consumed by the smaller herbivorous fish, helping to spread… Read More »

Mille Lacs – Fishing for Monster Muskie in Minnesota

Fishing Lake Mille Lacs for Massive Muskie The muskellunge, better know as Muskie, or musky, for short is a very popular species of fish that is found in abundance at Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota as well as throughout many other regions of North America. But here at Mille Lacs, the fishing is something special, locals and visitors will tell you. As a matter of fact, not only is it one of the best Muskie lakes in Minnesota, it is… Read More »

Braided Fishing Line vs Mono – Which is Better?

Braid vs Mono: Which is the Better Fishing Line? It has become one of the longest on-going debates between anglers for some time now – which is better, monofilament or braided fishing line? Depending on who you talk to, the answer to this question can vary greatly. Some, typically veteran anglers, swear by their tried and tested monofilament fishing lines, mainly because they have been using them for as long as they have been fishing. Conversely, a large number of… Read More »