Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are the most non-discriminate big game catches in the world due to their habitat of close proximity to the shoreline. They are caught by fishermen from all walks of life and social stature. They can be taken from piers, docks, roadsides, causeways, bridges, bays, rivers, beaches, passes and jetties. They are fished from kayaks, canoes, rowboats, jon boats and jet skis to $50,000 skiffs and million dollar yachts. They are tackled on everything from the cheapest $5 pole to $1500 fly rods and everything in between.

By the nature of the tarpon’s habits, physique and temperament, they may not be for everyone who like to go fishing. However, they are the pinnacle in the hunt for big game and for those with the passion for the sport of fishing. Giant tarpon are the ultimate aquatic safari and championship of fishing equivalent to Super Bowl, the World Series, the Daytona 500, Tour de France and the World Cup combined.

Tarpon Fishing Locations

Since tarpon are not commercially valuable as a food fish very little has been documented concerning their geographical distribution and migrations. Tarpon inhabit both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Their range in the Eastern Atlantic has been reliably established from Senegal to the Congo. Tarpon inhabiting the western Atlantic are principally found to populate warmer coastal waters focused in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, and the West Indies. Nonetheless, tarpon are regularly caught by anglers at Cape Hatteras and as far as Nova Scotia, Bermuda, and south to Argentina.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

Tarpon Fishing Charters

There have been scientific studies which indicate that schools of tarpon have routinely migrated through the Panama Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back for over 70 years. However it has not been scientifically established that they breed in the Pacific Ocean. Nevertheless evidence by tarpon fishing guides and anglers would tend to validate this notion as over the last 60 years many small juvenile tarpon as well as mature giants have been caught and documented principally on the Pacific side of Panama as well as in the Gulf of San Miguel and its tributaries but also as far as Coiba Island in the Gulf of Chiriquí plus at Piñas Bay in the Gulf of Panama. Florida Keys Tarpon fishing is widely regarded as the Tarpon fishing capital of the world , with literally thousands of anglers making the trip every year to try their skill against these monsters.

Tarpon Fishing Techniques

Tarpon Fishing techniques and tips

Tarpon Fishing Guides

Tarpon fishing techniques and tackle have undergone tremendous refinements over the years. So have tarpon anglers, who continue to find new Tarpon fishing techniques. Even heavily traveled fisheries on the Keys oceanside, Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay and the flats of Homosassa are slowly revealing their secrets to anglers willing to study the “new” travel routes and feeding patterns of migratory fish. In other words, if you feel you’re ready for the challenge, you can catch tarpon on the flats. Start by losing your fascination with distance casting—especially you fly fishermen. For most anglers, medium-range casts, 50 to 60 feet or so, are more accurate and land more softly. When the heat is on, you’ll nearly always be better served by making a quick, well-directed medium-range cast than by opening your bail and letting it rip or trying to shoot the entire fly line. Practice accordingly.

A chart and some grasp of tarpon behavior can help you locate fishing spots, but you are still going to need time on the water to figure out exactly if, when and how the fish travel in the area you intend to explore. Keep a journal, and record the locations, tides and weather conditions during your good days and your bad ones. Tarpon fishing can provide the avid angler with the trip of a lifetime but with such a huge area to be fished, how does an angler decide on the right spot for him? Visit or Tarpon fishing guide and Tarpon fishing charter page today to find the right Tarpon fishing captain to lead your next adventure.