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Salmon Fishing

Salmon is the common name for several species of the family Salmonidae. Several other fish in the family are also known as trout. The difference is said to be that salmon migrate and trout are resident, a distinction that holds true for the most common subspecies of Salmon. Salmon live along the coasts of both the North Atlantic (having one migratory species) and Pacific Oceans (holding approximately a dozen species), as well as having been introduced into the Great Lakes of North America where they are commonly referred to as landlocked Salmon.

Salmon Fishing Location & Seasons

North America is home to the world’s largest salmon fishing population. With salmon fishing opportunities to be had year-round, there are countless numbers of Salmon fishing guides and Salmon fishing charter services for hire. World record Salmon fishing in Canadian coastal waters and rivers can be had at almost any time. Alaska Salmon fishing produces some of the largest numbers in the world, with Salmon returning to spawn in thousands of rivers and streams each year. In the Pacific Northwest and farther down the west coast into California, Salmon fishing has become a year-round pastime for millions.

Salmon Fishing Techniques

Salmon fishing techniques vary with species and location. Mostly, recreational fishers use angling methods and commercial fishers use netting methods. Angling methods employed are mainly trolling, drop-lining and jigging. There are several variations of each method all proving to be useful for different Salmon fishing situations and Salmon fishing locations.

Most Salmon fishing guide and Salmon fishing charter services employ unique techniques that work well for their geographic locations and individual Salmon Fisheries. Everything from natural baits, such as roe and herring to artificial plugs, jigs and lures and flies have their own individual attributes. Drifting and fly fishing for Salmon is commonly used in smaller rivers and streams.

Salmon Species & Subspecies

In the North Atlantic, the Atlantic Salmon is the single migratory species. The Pacific Ocean boasts several species known for their sportfishing enjoyment. Salmon fishing along the western coast of North America includes the Chinook Salmon (also known as King Salmon or Blackmouth Salmon). The Coho Salmon (also known as the Silver Salmon. The Pink Salmon (also known as Humpies). The Chum Salmon (also known as the dog Salmon, Keta Salmon, and Calico Salmon). The Sockeye Salmon (also known as the Red Salmon). And the landlocked form of the Sockeye Salmon known as the Kokanee Salmon.

Salmon species and subspecies

Salmon Fishing Charters

Salmon Cooking Techniques & Salmon Recipes

There are thousands of ways to enjoy the catch after a productive day of Salmon fishing. Many Salmon fishing guides and Salmon charter services offer smoking and packing of Salmon. Salmon are an excellent fish for grilling and baking, but for many its full-flavored goodness is best achieved in a good charcoal or wood smoker.

With each species having a different flavor there are countless ways to prepare a delicious meal after a good day of Salmon fishing. Ask your salmon fishing guide or Salmon fishing charter service for their favorite recipe and preparation technique.

Salmon Fishing Charters & Guides

Salmon Fishing provides anglers with lifetimes of memories and fish tales. Salmon fishing guides and Salmon fishing charter services can be the best way to provide Salmon fishing enthusiasts with a memorable day on the water as well as the main ingredient for a delicious meal. With no shortage of beautiful locations to visit, Salmon fishing can be as much fun for a family as for an individual or group of friends. Visit our Salmon fishing guide and Salmon fishing charter services page or contact us today to book your next Salmon fishing trip. We promise, you’ll have the time of your life.

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