Perch Fishing

Perch Fishing

Perch Fishing Introduction

Perch is a common name for fish of the genus Perca, freshwater gamefish belonging to the family Percidae. The perch, of which there are three species in different geographical areas, lend their name to a large group of fish. Many species of freshwater gamefish more or less resembling perch, but belonging to different genera, are often given some variation of perch as a common name.

Perch Fishing Charters

Perch Fishing Charters

Perch Fishing Locations

Perch are found in one form or another around the world. The yellow perch is a fish that is prevalent in quite a few different areas. Some areas that have yellow perch in the lakes and rivers are Canada, the Great Lakes region and even through Pennsylvania all the way to South Carolina. These sought after fish are also seen in other states such as Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana and Utah and many more.

Where to catch Perch

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Perch Fishing Techniques

You don’t need a boat, and in most cases you will be able to find areas near your home where you’ll be able to harvest good catches right from shore. If you have a small boat or canoe – or even a magnificent hundred foot yacht, you’ll too be able to participate in this fishy quest. I like to use light tackle for perch, and one of the easiest, most sensitive set-ups I’ve found is a one piece five foot ultra light rod, rigged with a light, open faced spinning reel, spooled with either two or four lb. test line. If pike or bass lurk in the same waters you are going to fish, it would be best to use the four lb test line, being sure you have the reel drag set lightly enough to accommodate one of these heavy-weights if they hit your bait!

For terminal tackle, including bobbers, fish hooks and split shot, I prefer to use the smallest and lightest possible.Perch, as mentioned, are aggressive biters; but there are times when they are incredibly finicky, and will bite very lightly. A perch fishing guide or perch fishing charter can be the best way to learn how to fish for perch.

Perch catching techiques

Perch Cooking And Flavor

Perch are a popular species of panfish and are considered very good to eat; the commercial catch for them has always been in high demand. This has also led to considerable misuse of the term “perch” in the restaurant business in the United States. One of the finest eating freshwater fish. The white, flaky meat is even firmer and tastier than that of walleye. There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes to use after a good day of perch fishing. Asking your perch fishing guide or perch fishing charter captain can be a great way to find a recipe.

With nearly 165 species in its family tree, freshwater perch just might be the most abundant fish in North America. A popular sport fish, yellow perch, also known ­as lake perch, can be found in the lakes, rivers and streams of almost all fifty states and most of the Canadian provinces. That abundance — not to mention their tasty, firm meat — might explain why many ­anglers are hooked on catching the fish that has become a popular main course at Friday night fish fries. Perch feed year-round, so they can be caught year-round, which adds to their popularity. Visit our perch fishing guide or perch fishing charter page today to find the right professional for your next perch fishing adventure.