Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Fishing

Mediterranean Fishing

Mediterranean Fishing Guide

The large expanse of ocean known as the Mediterranean sea is home to some the world’s most pristine islands and coastline.  The Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, Crete, Majorca, Lesbos and Ibiza are huge tourist destinations.  The huge amount of coastline around these islands and th sea itself make Mediterranean Fishing some of the finest in the world.  Mediterranean Fishing Charters will take you to the most secluded and private places where you can catch your fill of fish and you take in the amazing sights and sounds thanks to your personal Mediterranean Fishing Guide.

 Mediterranean Fishing

With a decline in local fishing populations, many regulations have been put in place to protect lots of species of regional fish.  Your Mediterranean Fishing Guide can help you to find and catch ones that are allowable under current rules and regulations.  Some of the species you may find on your Mediterranean Fishing Charter are as follows:  Bluefin Tuna, White-eyed Flounder, Bream, Mullet, Sea Bass, Crab and Lobster and many, many more.

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