Ice Fishing Derby in Canadian Prairie Province

Canadian Ice Fishing Tournament Promises to Be Hot

If you are a fan of fishing tournaments, Canada offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge your passion. With over 8,000 lakes and 2 million rivers, Canada is a sports fisherman’s paradise with countless fishing tournaments and derby to tempt the most discerning fishing enthusiast. One such Derby is the Bill Bannock Classic and Flinty.  The Derby will be held on April 10, 2016 at Bakers Narrow   (Lake Athapap) Flin Flon, Manitoba. The Bill Bannock Classic will be from 10:30 to 2:00 PM while the Flinty will be from 11:00 Am to 2:00 Pm. The first Bill Bannock Classic and Flinty ice fishing Derby was held in 2015. There are over 100,000 in prizes up for grabs.

ice fishing derby northern pike

Northern Pike on ice

Location: Lake Athapap is nestled in the midst of the Precambrian boreal forest that includes a mix of jack pine, black spruce, white spruce and trembling pine. The Lake is inhabited by a variety of fish species that include Yellow Perch, whitefish, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and Yellow Trout. All game species are open for entry in the Derby. The Lake area is famous for its sports fishing and is one of the few freshwater lakes in the world responsible for 2 world records.

What to Bring. Other than your paid entry to the derby, it is suggested that each angler bring along the following items.

1) A good sportsman-like attitude

2) A Manitoba Fishing License

3) A chisel to open the hole

What is not allowed

1) No fishing huts/buildings, tents or coverings of any type

2) No alcohol except what is sold on site

3) Only fish caught with barbless hooks are eligible

4) No practice fishing

5) No vehicles permitted in fishing area. There is a parking provided close by.

All Manitoba fishing regulations are in force during the derby so ensure you are familiar with these regulations as well as all the rules and regulations of the Bill Bannock Classic and Flinty available on their website

Prizes: There are over 30 prizes to be won not including numerous other door prizes. A $21,000 first prize; a Lund boat, motor and trailer as second prize; third is a Polaris Sportsman Quad and fourth a Polaris Generator.

The Bill Bannock Classic and Flinty is only one of the hundreds of fishing derby and tournaments held year round throughout Canada and there are even some dedicated to families and children. From the Pink Salmon festival in British Columbia, to the Search for Moby Pike Fishing Tournament in beautiful Iroquois Falls in Ontario, there is an abundant and eclectic mix of fishing tournaments to choose from.

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