Florida Keys Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing

Fishing the Florida Keys provides anglers with some of the best trophy fishing in the world. Sometimes called the fishing capital of the United States, there are several species of fish to be sought after. From deep sea fishing offshore to sight fishing and fly fishing the flats, there is something to be had for every angler. The weather is sunny over 250 days a year sometimes more. With crystal blue waters and fish ranging from 1 to over 1,000 pounds fishing the Florida Keys can be the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Key West and Other Fishing Locations

There are many islands in the Florida Keys but the main destinations for fishing in the Florida Keys are Islamorada, Key West, Marathon, Big pine & Lower Keys and Key Largo. The Keys are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Straits of Florida on the other. Outside the reef, the water plunges to depths of 1,500 feet or more. Here, colorful fish teem just below the surface along mats of floating Sargassum grass or pieces of driftwood. The Keys were famous through history for swallowing up ships. Today, shipwrecks are thankfully rare but the old wrecks nevertheless make great fishing spots.

Fish Species in the Keys

There are several species of fish to be had when fishing the Florida Keys. Some of the most notable being blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, tarpon, spearfish, kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, cobia, grouper, snapper, jacks, amberjacks, several species of sharks, dorado, ceros, barracuda, permit, mackerel and many more. Several of these fish can reach trophy size drawing anglers from around the world. Local Florida Keys fishing guides and Key West fishing charters can take you to where the big ones are lurking.

Florida Keys Sailfish Fishing Charters

Florida Keys Sailfish Fishing Charters

Florida Keys Fishing Techniques

There are many different techniques for fishing the Florida Keys waters. Whether deep sea fishing or inland fishing on the flats or back country fishing there are different techniques for each fish in each location. The Keys are surrounded by miles of shallow sand and grass flats. Sight fishing is usually favored in these areas. An experienced Flats fishing guide can get you on the big ones. Fly fishing the flats is one of the most common techniques used. Light tackle fishing is the most common of all techniques used. Almost any species are achievable with light tackle, from tarpon to deep water sailfish, and anything in between. For deep sea fishing and offshore fishing in the Florida Keys, spin, conventional trolling gear, and fly fishing are the most common methods used.

Planning Your Florida Keys Fishing Trip

Key West Fishing techniques

Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Fishing the Keys is famous for a reason. According to the International Game Fish Association, more saltwater world records have been established in the Florida Keys than any other angling destination on the globe. Hiring a Key Largo, Islamorada or Key West fishing charter or flats’ guide is advisable for the best fishing. Not only does a Keys Fishing captain offer local expertise and full equipment, he or she already possesses the necessary state fishing licenses required for all Florida visitors or residents. Visit our fishing charter page today to find the right captain or guide for your next Florida Keys fishing trip.