Simple and Easy Seafood Paella Recipe

Spanish Seafood Paella with a Side of History   Spain has given us a lot… Don Quixote, Picasso, the Flamenco come to mind. However, if you are unfamiliar with the paella, you are missing out on one of the most iconic Spanish contributions to the world, not to mention one of the tastiest dishes you are ever likely to eat should you be so lucky. Well, today, you’re in luck because I will share with you an easy to make… Read More »

6 Top High-End Outdoor Coolers Rated

6 High Quality Coolers for Fishing, Hunting, Camping and Everything Else Outdoors   Fishing, like many other outdoor recreational activities, requires a fair amount of equipment to help ensure you get the most from the experience. An often-overlooked piece of hardware is a portable ice cooler. Whether it’s for keeping your catch cool, taking food and drink on a hunting or camping trip, you’ll need a high-quality cooler to ensure everything remains as fresh as possible for the duration of… Read More »

First-Timer’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Fishing Boat

Buying Your First Fishing Boat – What You Need to Know   Spend enough time fishing and at some point many of us will decide that we want a fishing boat – it’s a given.  You find yourself looking at boating magazines, doing online searches for articles on boat buying and classified ads, attending a boat show or two, and even occasionally drifting into daydream land… I know because I’ve been there. You’re filled with excitement (at times bordering on… Read More »

5 Best Electric Trolling Motors for Your Money

5 Electric Trolling Motors Worth Your Dollars   Looking for the best trolling motor for the best price possible for your small to medium size fishing boat, inflatable boat or fishing kayak ? There’s plenty of great trolling motors available for reasonable prices, and even affordable options can offer a wide range of benefits for anglers looking for that perfect trolling motor. Trolling motors are ideal for countless situations when out on the water fishing, from slowly navigating those hard… Read More »

Bass Pro Hooks Cabela’s – Now What?

Is This the End for an Iconic Outdoor Brand? We love the outdoors and we also love to buy things that enhance our enjoyment of our favorite outdoor sport, whether it be fishing, hunting or camping. Oh, that look we get on our faces when we walk into a Bass Pro or Cabela’s store ! We’re like kids in a candy store …only worse. There’s always this warm, inviting feeling that overcomes me whenever I walk through their doors. Maybe… Read More »

Review: Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ vs FishHunter Directional 3D Wireless Fish Finder

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ vs FishHunter 3D Head to Head Small enough to fit in your tackle box or pocket for that matter, smart portable fish finders are expanding the possibilities for anyone who enjoys recreational fishing. These versatile, mini fishing sonars are levelling the the playing field for those of us who do not own a boat or just prefer more flexibility in where and how we fish. Right from the start, two key features set this new type… Read More »

10 Tips for Sustainable Sport Fishing

Protecting Our Fish and the Future of Sport Fishing We hear a lot of talk about sustainable fishing practices and sustainably sourced fish (fish caught or harvested in a manner that promotes the future of fish populations, the environment and the livelihoods of those who make their living from fishing). In the past we didn’t see the level of concern we have now about our fish stocks being depleted or other environment issues, for that matter. But I think today most of… Read More »