4 Baitcasting Rod Bargains Too Good to Pass Up

  4 Outstanding Baitcasting Rods on the Cheap If you’ve been following our website lately, you may have seen our feature post on what we feel are 4 of the best budget low-profile baitcasting reels currently available. These baitcasters deliver exceptional performance and value, especially if you are working with a tight budget. However, they are of little use if not paired up with a reliable baitcasting rod – they go hand-in-hand. Anyhow, picking the right baitcasting rod is just… Read More »

Reel Deal: 4 Top Budget Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels Reviewed

Baitcasting reels play an important role in sportfishing despite the popularity and proliferation of spinning reels. They are the go-to choice for anglers who need or want more control over the reel, better casting accuracy/distance with heavier lines and lures, higher gearing and more cranking power. They are the ideal reel for high-speed presentations as when working lures like spinnerbaits, buzz baits, lipless crankbaits, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and others. Baitcasting reels come in essentially 2 designs, round and low-profile.… Read More »

Bristol Bay Is Safe – for Now!

A few months back I wrote a post about the looming threat that Alaska’s Bristol Bay faced from an Environmental Protection Agency decision to phase out previous administration restrictions on mining operations in the bay’s watershed. At the time, local fishermen, conservation groups, and the local community in general feared that Bristol Bay’s natural renewable resources, including the bay’s prized sockeye salmon population on which so many depend, were in danger of being irrevocably damaged the EPA’s decision to withdraw… Read More »

The Penn International VI Series: Improving on a Classic Reel

The Penn International series is widely regarded as one of the best big game conventional reels on the market. This is nothing new either, as the International Series has been regarded as the premier casting reel since the original series debuted more than 50 years ago. Anyone in the market for a battle-tested, quality casting/trolling reel for pursuing blue water trophy fish should take a hard look at this reel. The all-metal International Series has been the flagship model for… Read More »

Tarpon Fishing Nicaragua Where Rainforest Meets the Caribbean

  Guest post by Phil James The Caribbean sea has long held an allure as a place of mystery and adventure. It draws all kinds of souls to its shores – thrill seekers, sailors, nature lovers. But along its miles and miles of coastline, nowhere does this promise of adventure seem as guaranteed as in the gently curved edge at the bottom of the Nicaraguan coast, where the sea meets the pristine rainforest of the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve. Where… Read More »

These Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots Will Make Your Feet Happy

Our Favorite Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots   Winter’s been here for some time now, and while most of the people like to stay indoors, hobbyist fishing experts know better. The idea of fishing in chilly waters – and that too during the peak of the cold season seems like a daunting task. But the rewards are totally worth it. I guess, it is the surge of adrenaline and a big fat catch thrashing at the far end of the line… Read More »

Winter Freeze Offers More Time for Fishing Gear Maintenance 

A Great Time to Get Your Fishing Gear in Order   Winter is here. Boy, winter is here with a statement as a blanket of chill continues to cover the East Coast and spread across the U.S. in what has been one of the coldest winters in decades. So what is a fisherman to do? Well, if you hadn’t already thought of it, this cold spell provides us the perfect opportunity to take stock of our fishing gear and do… Read More »