Fishing Line for Dummies

Article by Willie Luker There are few pieces of tackle more important or more debated among anglers than fishing line. Fishing Line comes in many strengths, colors, and forms, which can be applied in many different situations with varying degrees of success. To the new angler or the old salt used to throwing Zebco monofilament line exclusively, the options can be dizzying and can lead to poor investments being made. In this article, I plan to lay out a number… Read More »

Nothing Mickey Mouse About the Bass Fishing in Central Florida

Florida is home to over 2.5 million acres of freshwater which are available in the form of ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, springs, man-made canals and wetlands. Hundreds of the lakes and ponds were formed naturally through various geologic processes whereas hundreds more are artificial, being constructed on housing developments, shopping centers, and golf courses. Lots of these waters are stocked with fish, whereas others gain a fish population naturally, either arriving through something like a feeder stream or eggs and… Read More »

7 Go-To Tackle Box Essentials for More Bass

Lighten Your Load & Catch More Fish with These 7 Tackle Box Essentials   Different situations call for drastically different baits. This can cause problems for anglers working on a budget, or anglers severely lacking in storage space. Personally, I carry 5 tackle boxes, and I still come up short when it comes to bait. However, if I was told I could only carry one tackle box, I feel like I know what I would need. The assortment, of course,… Read More »

Finesse Fishing for Bass: Mastering the Art of Subtlety

Article by Willie Luker What Is Finesse Fishing… How’s It Done? Finesse fishing is a curious, tried and true way of fishing for bass. Normal bass fishing often relies on a strong presence, whether it’s a rattling crankbait or a thumping spinner blade. However, these fish oftentimes choose to ignore the brash entry of an intruder and instead key in on subtle movements of easier prey. By observing this behavior, you can tweak your method of angling to be much more… Read More »

Fish Smoker Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Smoker Type

With summer officially here, thoughts begin to turn to summertime fun with family and friends and, of course, backyard barbeques. Barbequing and grilling are as much a passion for me as is fishing, and I will be doing plenty of that throughout the summer season.  A subset of barbequing that I really enjoy is smoking foods – I’m talking smoked pork ribs, beef brisket, seafood and so on! But, maybe because I’m an angler who also sometimes loves eating his… Read More »

Fishing for Catfish: Targeting the Elusive Bottom Dweller

Article by Willie Luker Fishing for catfish in a freshwater environment provides its own unique challenges, despite what pictures of laden stringers might tell you. As a bass angler first and foremost, I struggled for a good amount of time trying to pattern these elusive mudfish and spent many a summer night enticed only by the sound of my lighter flicking to life. It’s possible to sit for hours, craving the squeal of a well-tuned drag, only to be disappointed… Read More »

Capitalizing on Post-Rain Fishing Opportunities

Article by Will Luker The Fishing Is Good After the Rain After an intense downpour in Alabama, the waters get murky, milky, and turbid. These conditions represent a significant challenge for the casual angler, to the point that they often turn anglers away! However, I’m here to honestly admit that fishing after heavy rain often represent one of my favorite times to probe the depths. With enough experience, and a helpful nudge or two in the right direction, you, too,… Read More »