Columbia River Fishing

Columbia River Fishing

Columbia River Fishing Guides & Charters

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest and by volume the 4th largest in the United States. The Columbia boasts world-class fishing for many species such as Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Bass and Sturgeon. With no shortage of excellent fishing guide and fishing charter services the Columbia is a fishing destination for anglers from around the world. With most fishing charter and fishing guide services, anglers can fish for multiple species on one trip, providing non-stop action as well as a lifetime of fish tales.

Columbia River Fishing & Location

The Columbia River starts its flow in the Rocky mountains of British Columbia, Canada where it flows north by northwest before turning south and heading into Washington where it turns west to flow along the borders of Washington and Oregon to the Pacific Ocean where the world class Salmon fishing begins. The Columbia is over 1240 miles long, spawning many tributaries along its route, the largest of which is the Snake River. Along its route the river flows through some of the most picturesque scenery on the west coast such as the Columbia River Gorge. Making it not only a destination for anglers but their families as well. With year round fishing for its many species it has also become home to some of the best fishing guides and fishing charter services in the United States.

Columbia River Fish Species

columbia river fishing guides

Columbia River Fishing Guides

The Columbia River system is home to an abundance of fish species including Salmon, Trout, Sturgeon, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and the northern pikeminnow. Several sub species of salmon such as Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, chum and Kokanee provide world class angling opportunities for fishing guides and fishing charter services as well as there anglers.

Trout fishing also abounds with many sub species such as Rainbow Trout, Sea run Cutthroat, Brook trout, German Brown Trout and of course Steelhead. The White Sturgeon can be one the the most difficult yet rewarding catches for the serious angler, with world record fish reaching upwards of 450 lbs. Smallmouth Bass fishing has become increasingly popular during the warm summer months with trophy size fish up for grabs.

columbia river fishing charters

Columbia River Fishing Charters

Columbia River Fishing Seasons

The Columbia River provides year-round outstanding opportunities with large salmon fishing as well as many other popular species. Winter boasts huge numbers of both wild and hatchery born Steelhead. Spring brings the hard fighting “springers” (chinook salmon) highly regarded as on the the best eating salmon available, as well as the beginning of the summer Steelhead runs. Summer also provides countless days Coho and Chinook salmon, smallmouth Bass, Walleye and of course the long sought after white Sturgeon. Fall brings in the mammoth runs of large hard fighting fall Chinook, and “silvers” (Coho Salmon) as well as late summer Steelhead and a short time later the early winter Steelhead.

Columbia River Fishing Techniques

There are multiple techniques for each species of fish as well as seasonal techniques for those species. Columbia River fishing guides and fishing charter services are an excellent way for local as well as visiting anglers to get dialed into the fish. Many of guides and charters have fished the Columbia their whole lives and know as many “secret” techniques as they do fishing holes. While trolling for salmon might produce one day the next might be better for jigging or plunking. Drift fishing in certain locations can produce Steelhead in abundance. Fly fishing is an excellent way to bring about the exciting top water bites many anglers dream about. Visit our  guide and charter services page today to connect with the right Columbia River fishing charter or guide for your needs.

 Fishing the Columbia River

If you are looking for the trip of a lifetime plan your excursion today to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The Columbia River Buoy 10 has made lifetime memories for countless anglers over the years. With hundreds of excellent fishing guides and fishing charter services for hire the Columbia can provide you with a one-stop destination for all of your fishing dreams. Winding it’s way through two countries, with a drainage basin roughly the size of the entire country of France there, are no shortage of locations to provide the fishing trip you are after. Click here for more history on the Columbia River. Come experience some of the Northwest’s best fisheries and the biggest salmon run in the lower 48 states, right here on the Columbia.

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