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Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for Stripers, Never Boring They are called rockfish, linesiders and stripers, but the one thing these rugged and powerful fish are never called is boring. One of the things that makes striped bass such a favorite with anglers is the fact that they are anadromous, meaning they can be caught in freshwater (and also brackish water) as well as saltwater. The species can be found naturally along the Atlantic coast from Canada down to northern Florida. They are an… Read More »

Meet the Twins – Arctic Char and Dolly Varden

Can you see the difference? Can you tell the difference between the Arctic Char and the Dolly Varden? Both belong to the char clan but even the most perceptive angler may not be able to tell them apart. For a long time it was the belief that both these fish belong to the same Arctic Char (or Arctic Charr) species. While even scientists have been at odds for years as to whether the Arctic Char and Dolly Varden are of… Read More »

Mille Lacs Muskie

Fishing Lake Mille Lacs for Massive Muskie     The muskellunge, better know as Muskie, or musky, for short is a very popular species of fish that is found in abundance at Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota as well as throughout many other regions of North America. But here at Mille Lacs the fishing is something special, locals and visitors will tell you. As a matter of fact, not only is it one of the best Muskie lakes in Minnesota,… Read More »

How to Catch More Largemouth Bass in Any Season

Luring The Largemouth Bass Anytime The largemouth bass is probably the most popular and sought-after freshwater fish in the North American continent, ranging in its native waters from Canada down to Mexico. They have also been introduced throughout many other parts of the world due to their hardiness and adaptability. You can distinguish the largemouth bass from the smallmouth bass by a wide jaw that extends past the eyes. They have a deep notch between the two dorsal fins and… Read More »

These 4 Invasive Fish Species Can Make You Money

Get Paid to Catch Invasive Fish – Really? It is probably the last thing you think about when fishing. Whoever thinks about making money when enjoying the sport of fishing? The term “gone fishing” implies that you are off on a vacation of sorts away from the hustle and bustle of work, chores and other obligations. But what if you could make a few extra bucks without “working”, wouldn’t you? Across North America many invasive fish species are threatening the… Read More »

Ice Fishing Derby in Canadian Prairie Province

Canadian Ice Fishing Tournament Promises to Be Hot If you are a fan of fishing tournaments, Canada offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge your passion. With over 8,000 lakes and 2 million rivers, Canada is a sports fisherman’s paradise with countless fishing tournaments and derby to tempt the most discerning fishing enthusiast. One such Derby is the Bill Bannock Classic and Flinty.  The Derby will be held on April 10, 2016 at Bakers Narrow   (Lake Athapap) Flin Flon, Manitoba.… Read More »

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water. It can be done in many different ways. Ice anglers may sit on the stool in the open on a frozen lake, or in a heated ice fishing house or cabin on the ice, some with bunks and amenities. Ice Fishing Locations There are many great ice fishing locations around the world.… Read More »