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muskie fishing minnesota

Mille Lacs Muskie

Fishing Lake Mille Lacs for Massive Muskie The muskellunge, better know as Muskie, or musky, for short is a very popular species of fish that is found in abundance at Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota as well as throughout many other regions of North America. But here at Mille Lacs ...
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queensland australia reef fishing

Permit Fishing Down Under

Permit Fishing in Australia Permit are amongst the most desirable fish species any angler could hope to reel in – mainly due to the fact that they are so damn difficult to catch! These fish are incredibly elusive and have fantastic sight and senses, which of course makes it more ...
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arachon bay france

10 Relaxing Destinations for Fishing and Travel in France

10 Unhurried French Destinations for Fishing and Leisure As one of the most beautiful countries in Western Europe, France boasts of being the most popular tourist destination in the world. More than 80 Million tourists visit France annually to explore its amazing landscapes, architecture, history - and of course,  its ...
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ice fishing derby northern pike

Ice Fishing Derby in Canadian Prairie Province

Canadian Ice Fishing Tournament Promises to Be Hot If you are a fan of fishing tournaments, Canada offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge your passion. With over 8,000 lakes and 2 million rivers, Canada is a sports fisherman’s paradise with countless fishing tournaments and derby to tempt the most ...
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Fishing Glacier National Park Montana

Top 5 National Parks in America for Fishing Enthusiasts

Fishing One of These 5 Great Parks Should Be on Your List Forget going down to the usual local lake or pond for a day of fishing. If you live in America, the thought of wasting precious leisure hours re-hooking bait and anxiously waiting for a tug is painful, especially ...
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Mahi Mahi Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica

Dream Fishing in Los Suenos

Fishing Dreams Are Reality in Los Suenos, Costa Rica There are very few locations in the world that offer a better setting for sports fishing and adventure than Costa Rica. This tiny Central American country of barely 5 million people, with an area smaller than West Virginia, has over the ...
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Kauai Hawaii

Pacific Paradise Fishing: Welcome to Hawaii

The Aloha State - Fishing's Paradise The Aloha State is the last state added to the United States (1959) but that is probably the only thing it is last in. When it comes to sheer, breath-taking beauty this island destination has very few peers. Hawaii has been a top vacation ...
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Nicaragua deep sea fishing

Nicaragua:  Latin America’s Hottest Sport Fishing Secret is Out

Quietly Becoming Central America's Sport Fishing Hotspot Just a couple decades ago very few people thought of Nicaragua while planning their next big fishing trip - it just wasn't that kind of place. Fast forward to 2015 and things have changed dramatically. It went from being a country that was ...
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