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About Gouin Reservoir Fishing

Gouin Reservoir Fishing

Gouin Reservoir Fishing

Gouin Reservoir is one of the perfect fishing destinations in Quebec. There are many Gouin Reservoir fishing guides and Gouin Reservoir fishing charters that will help you hook that prize fish that you’ve been seeking out on your latest fishing excursions.

Gouin Reservoir Fishing is well-known in the area and there are many private charters, lodges and commercial outfitters located there. A little more from Wikipedia:

The Gouin Reservoir (in French: Réservoir Gouin) is a man-made lake in the central portion of the Canadian province of Quebec, fully within the boundaries of the City of La Tuque. It is not one contiguous body of water, but the collective name for a series of connected lakes separated by innumerable bays, peninsulas, and islands with highly irregular shapes.

You’ll want to hire a Gouin Reservoir Fishing Guide or Gouin Reservoir Fishing Charter company as there are no paved roads into the reservoir, and the best spots can be hard to get to.

Gouin Reservoir Fishing Guide

Gouin Reservoir Fishing Guide

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