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Tarpon Fishing Nicaragua Where Rainforest Meets the Caribbean

  Guest post by Phil James The Caribbean sea has long held an allure as a place of mystery and adventure. It draws all kinds of souls to its shores – thrill seekers, sailors, nature lovers. But along its miles and miles of coastline, nowhere does this promise of adventure seem as guaranteed as in the gently curved edge at the bottom of the Nicaraguan coast, where the sea meets the pristine rainforest of the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve. Where… Read More »

These Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots Will Make Your Feet Happy

Our Favorite Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots   Winter’s been here for some time now, and while most of the people like to stay indoors, hobbyist fishing experts know better. The idea of fishing in chilly waters – and that too during the peak of the cold season seems like a daunting task. But the rewards are totally worth it. I guess, it is the surge of adrenaline and a big fat catch thrashing at the far end of the line… Read More »

Winter Freeze Offers More Time for Fishing Gear Maintenance 

A Great Time to Get Your Fishing Gear in Order   Winter is here. Boy, winter is here with a statement as a blanket of chill continues to cover the East Coast and spread across the U.S. in what has been one of the coldest winters in decades. So what is a fisherman to do? Well, if you hadn’t already thought of it, this cold spell provides us the perfect opportunity to take stock of our fishing gear and do… Read More »

3 Tasty and Easy Fish/Seafood Recipes for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is here and, along with the good cheer that comes with it, there’s also plenty of good food (and very likely, also drinks!) too to be had. While turkey, ham, roast beef and other similar table fare are at the heart of the traditional English/American Holiday feast, many other cultures turn to the sea or their fresh waters for Christmas dinner ideas. But many Americans are now also adding seafood to their Holiday dinner menu for what… Read More »

5 Best Surf Rods for the Money

Surf fishing from a sandy shoreline is definitely one of the most exciting forms of fishing. But it’s also different than other types of fishing and, in many ways is more demanding, on both the angler and the tackle. Take the wrong equipment with you to the beach and you are setting yourself up for a disappointing outing. That rod and reel combo that you use to fish from the pier or bridge is not going to cut it. Surf… Read More »

Best 4-Kayak Trailer: The Malone Microsport Kayak Trailer

Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer Reviewed Like most of us who spend any time kayaking or canoeing, you have probably already discovered that it is not so easy or fun loading your kayak or canoe on top of your car or SUV and then having to unload it, often by yourself (it can be quite the shoulder workout even with a pair of helping hands). It can get even worse if you happen to have one of the larger, heavier kayaks.… Read More »

The Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor System Reviewed

Talon, an Anchor Made for Skinny Water Fishing   Whether you plan to fish freshwater or saltwater, the Minn Kota Talon is the perfect piece of hardware to mount on the rear of the boat for those planned stealth fishing trips. The Minn Kota Talon is a shallow-water anchoring system powered by the boat’s battery that quietly and quickly holds the position of your boat in shallow waters in varying depths from 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and up to 15ft, depending… Read More »